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Resort renovation, re-imagining and expansion

safe investment

An investment is an economic outlay required to maintain or increase a company’s capital. Sometimes, this is accompanied by a large dose of risk. There is no risk in investing in geodesic dome kit from such a reputable company as Polidomes International – with us, quality is guaranteed. Polidomes geodesic dome tents offer an interesting… Read more »

Glamping – a phenomenon of the tourism industry

Glamping is a relatively recent phenomenon in the broader landscape of the tourism industry. The term ‘glamping’ comes from the words ‘glam,’ or ‘glamor,’ and ‘camping.’ That’s just what it is – glamorous camping. It all started in 2005 in the UK, which should be regarded as the birthplace of glamping; from there, the trend… Read more »

Glamping pods

Glamping pods

What Are Geodesic glamping pods and What Are Their Uses? Geodesic glamping pods are spherical (or hemispherical) structures formed from a network of circles. This type of frame may be used as a variety of things, from a greenhouse to a camping shelter to a summer house. Many consumers have found the small domes/ glamping… Read more »