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Transparent Igloo for the rooftop or terrace bar

rooftop bar igloo snow globe

These transparent igloos allow the location to stay attractive and profitable all year long, no matter the type of weather. A rooftop location is just a handful of places where you can view the surrounding city from a top and experience the sky up close and personal. But what can be better than a rooftop or… Read more »

Resort renovation, re-imagining and expansion

safe investment

An investment is an economic outlay required to maintain or increase a company’s capital. Sometimes, this is accompanied by a large dose of risk. There is no risk in investing in geodesic dome kit from such a reputable company as Polidomes International – with us, quality is guaranteed. Polidomes geodesic dome tents offer an interesting… Read more »

Glamping – a phenomenon of the tourism industry

Glamping is a relatively recent phenomenon in the broader landscape of the tourism industry. The term ‘glamping’ comes from the words ‘glam,’ or ‘glamor,’ and ‘camping.’ That’s just what it is – glamorous camping. It all started in 2005 in the UK, which should be regarded as the birthplace of glamping; from there, the trend… Read more »

Glamping pods

Glamping pods

What Are Geodesic glamping pods and What Are Their Uses? Geodesic glamping pods are spherical (or hemispherical) structures formed from a network of circles. This type of frame may be used as a variety of things, from a greenhouse to a camping shelter to a summer house. Many consumers have found the small domes/ glamping… Read more »