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Glamping – a phenomenon of the tourism industry

Glamping is a relatively recent phenomenon in the broader landscape of the tourism industry. The term ‘glamping’ comes from the words ‘glam,’ or ‘glamor,’ and ‘camping.’ That’s just what it is – glamorous camping. It all started in 2005 in the UK, which should be regarded as the birthplace of glamping; from there, the trend… Read more »

Festival Tents

Polidomes festival tents

Improving Your Event with Festival Tents If you’re in charge of managing an upcoming event, you have probably been exploring ways to improve it. One of the most popular strategies may be one you haven’t tried yet – a tent from a marquee hire service. Large festival tents provide more space than many conventional buildings… Read more »

Party tents

wedding dome tent

Party Tents May Be Used for Various Events Many people have discovered that party tents are invaluable when planning a variety of events. They are portable, but durable. They can be a great alternative to renting out an expensive venue that offers little in the way of charm. If you’re planning an event and are… Read more »

Corporate event

Polidomes corporate event inspiration

Having a Corporate Event in a Dome If you’re truly hoping to make an impact on the guests who attend your next corporate event, you may want to start looking at the more interesting venue options such as a dome tent. Holding a major corporate event at a traditional venue could actually work against the… Read more »

Large marquees

large dome marquee Africa

Great Uses for Large Marquees Whether you organize events for a living or are planning one for a single special occasion, you will need access to a great venue. Instead of spending a large sum to rent a conventional venue, another option is to rent a large dome shape marquee. Large marquees may be rented for a… Read more »

Boost Your Brand with a Large Geodesic Dome

Large dome marquee Volvo

If you run a business and are planning an upcoming event to boost your brand, you might want to consider the benefits of renting or purchasing a large geodesic dome tent instead of holding the event in a traditional building. A large geodesic dome may offer an assortment of unique features that a conventional venue… Read more »