Corporate event

Having a Corporate Event in a Dome

If you’re truly hoping to make an impact on the guests who attend your next corporate
event, you may want to start looking at the more interesting venue options such as a dome tent. Holding a major corporate event at a traditional venue could actually work against the impression you are trying to create, especially if one of the goals attached to your corporate event is to present your company as different (and better) than the competition.

The Psychology of Environment

One of the easiest ways to create an image for your company at an event is to hold it in a place that may be unexpected. When your guests arrive at the designated location and step inside a geodesic dome tent, the first impression they may have is that your company is not mired with stale practices. A business event tent has much to offer including plenty of space and a unique setting that will get noticed.

Instead of paying a high fee for a conventional venue, you may want to consider an event tent with a domed shape. A dome event tent may instantly change the way that colleagues and customers view your company. When you provide your attendees with a program or conference held inside a geodesic dome, you can also display a visual presentation that will linger in the minds of those who have attended. Make the most of your resources by offering your guests an inspiring environment in which to receive the information you want to convey.

Polidomes corporate tent”

Polidomes corporate tent

Polidomes corporate event inspiration

The Polidomes geodesic dome tent for corporate event

Polidomes corporate dome tent

Met life corporate dome tent for MetLife

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