Why is Glamping so Much Fun?

If you’ve never been glamping, you may wonder what exactly this activity entails and why it’s such a popular trend. This kind of trip differs from camping in a few very fundamental ways. If you’re the type of person who enjoys nature, but can’t imagine being without certain conveniences for more than several hours, then glam- campingmay be the perfect choice for you.

Glamping Is Simply More Comfortable

If backpacking after a 10-mile hike and sleeping in the open air makes you feel uneasy, you might want to organize a glamping trip instead. Instead of shivering under the stars, you and your companions can sleep in small domes/ geodesic dome kit that will afford you the luxury and privacy you crave.

Glamping Is More Festive Than Camping

“Roughing it” on a camping trip may leave you feeling tired and irritable by the end of the day. Conversely, when you bring along a great bottle of wine and fine cuisine, your trip will seem more like a party than a chore. You might all relax in a glamping tent/ dome in comfort and style instead of fighting off bugs as you sit on tree stumps.
To turn a camping trip into a glamping trip, make sure that you have plenty of luxurious blankets to keep you warm in your cozy tent. Bring anything that you might want if you were throwing a party at home, including tempting treats to eat and drink. Wear clothes that make you feel attractive and don’t forget to invite others who also appreciate the finer things in life.

Polidomes glamping

Polidomes glamping

Glamping pod entrance

Glamping pod entrance

Polidomes glamping dome

Cozy Polidomes geodesic glamping dome

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