Wedding dome tent

Why You Should Have a Wedding in a Dome Tent

A wedding can be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of renting a venue for your special day. Countless couples are now opting for the marquee hire option instead of renting a room in a large building that feels impersonal. A wedding tent can make your event seem more welcoming, and you and your guests may feel more comfortable overall.

A Dome Tent Is Perfect for an Outdoor Wedding

If you want to have an outdoor wedding but are unsure of how the weather will be, then using a dome tent is an ideal strategy. Even if the day is wet or windy, your party will be protected from the elements. You can still enjoy the fresh air, and your wedding will have a more natural feel.

Wedding Tent Rentals Are More Cost-Efficient

Once you call a few venues for prices, you will quickly understand why using a wedding tent has become such a popular thing to do. A wedding tent rental cost is generally much more affordable than any other type of enclosed space for such an event would be.

Your wedding should be the most special day of your life thus far as a couple. By opting for a marquee hire instead of an expensive venue, you can spend more money on other details (such as the flowers and catering). More couples than ever seem to prefer a wedding tent for this important celebration.

wedding dome tent on the beach with live music orchestra

Exclusive wedding inside geodesic dome tent. 

wedding dome tent

Exclusive interior of the wedding dome tent on the beach

wedding dome tent on the beach

Wedding in a Polidome

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